Why 22 Hard Corps?


I honestly thought that the reason the program contained 22 minute workouts was to bring attention to the unfortunate fact that, on average, 22 vets a day take their lives.


In any case, I love the idea of giving back to a military based charity.

2 BIG reasons

In celebration of the 22 Minute Hard Corps launch, Beachbody is partnering with The Mission Continues whose mission is to help empower veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. Veteran Fellows from The Mission Continues harness strength and skills learned in the military and apply them to volunteering with non-profits in their community. They’re giving $5 for every 22 Minute Hard Corps Kit or Challenge Pack sold in March, up to $500K, which will go towards empowering up to 50 Fellows. To find out more about the Mission Continues visit:


As of March 7th Beachbody has placed 21 veterans with The Mission Continues since the launch of 22 Minute Hard Corps last week! The goal is to help 50 veterans transition to civilian life by the end of March, I think we can do it?

large-1In addition, as a way of saying, “thank you for your service!”, active military members, and veterans can now get a 25% discount on Beachbody products by signing up to become a Beachbody Coach for free. Coach sign up fees and monthly business service fees are waived for active and retired US military or their spouses. What a great way to help them supplement their income or get a great discount with the launch of this military-style boot camp! To find out more about the Military Waiver Program visit:



3 Good Deeds

Every purchase provides 3 good deeds – you help yourself get boot camp fit, you give back to a Vet for their service and you help a community that receives the support/help of the expertise and discipline that Vets provide.

The Big Idea

12366368_911083455665958_8072224910916584351_nThe idea behind 22 Minute Hard Corps was spawned by Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler one morning around 5AM when he was dragging himself to the basement for an early workout. He wasn’t particularly feeling great and just wished he could push play on a 20-minute workout that would get him sweating, raise his heart rate, and leave him feeling like he just did something great for his body.

So Carl asked Tony Horton, can we do this? Can you get a great workout in 20-minutes AND get people real results? He said he was up for the challenge.

He began by adapting his boot camp style workouts to fit into the course of a 60-day program and added a minute for the warmup, a minute for the cool down and 22 Minute Hard Corps was born. These workouts have all been tested by Tony with real active duty military and can be done by anyone, anywhere. YOU can do this.






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