How Personal Trainers, Health and Wellness Professionals Can Generate Multiple Income Streams As A Beachbody Coach

In this post we will use a business model applied to personal trainers. Whether you are a gym owner, fitness instructor, boot camp instructor, chiropractor, nutritionist, physical therapist, physician or any other type of health and wellness professional, you can embrace the Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Now in Canada!

Proven system that provides you with the opportunity to generate a second income stream and even qualify you to receive hundreds of clients.

  • Incredible income potential

  • Get paid to train hundreds of clients

  • Take your business Nationwide soon Worldwide

  • No more canceled appointments

  • Lead a National Team of Trainers

  • This program works even better in a bad economy

As a personal trainer, you got started in this industry because you want to make a real difference in people’s lives by helping them get fit and healthy. At the same time, you need to earn a decent income! Right now, your income depends on YOU trading YOUR time for money! Yes, even though you are doing what you love by helping people enhance their well being with health and fitness, from a business point of view you are still trading time for money. Your profits are limited to how much time you have available to actively work with your clients and the rate you can charge for your service.

What is the solution? Expand The Personal Trainer Paradigm-Think Outside The Box

Learn The Number 1 Secret How Personal Trainers From All Around the Country Are Effortlessly Adding an Average of 4 to 12 New Clients to Their Business EACH WEEK – Even In the Current Down Economy, And How You Can Do the Exact Same Thing Starting Immediately!

How is this Virtual Fitness Program helping Trainers?

  • Coaching online offers and unlimited income potential

  • Trainers earn a weekly income without hourly training appointments

  •  Trainers earn new income from clients nationwide who won’t join a gym

  •  Trainers earn recurring income from Clients on auto-ship programs

  •  No more canceled appointments or expensive ads to get new clients

  •  If the Trainer gets sick or injured, they don’t lose income

  •  Trainers can earn enough to build their own retirement account

  •  Online clients generate income even when the Trainer takes a vacation

  •  The business can start part time and quickly grow to a full time income

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Generate Weekly Residual Income:By enhancing your fitness business with Team Beachbody Coaching, you can better serve your current clients, add new ones, get old clients back, and make more money through a proven system that is capable of generating residual income at all hours (24/7)!

How will my Virtual Fitness Program pay me weekly?

  • Client purchases pay a 25% commission and are added to your weekly income which is paid every Thursday.

  • Club memberships will pay a 50% bonus and are billed quarterly, along with a 15% commission for any orders they place for products or programs.

  • Trainers can also earn a daily Team Cycle Bonus from the orders placed by clients and club members of other Trainers/Coaches who join your coaching team.

  • Additional bonuses are earned for leadership including a quarterly profit pool and the opportunity to build and franchise new business centers.

Leverage Your Time: You can help a broader range of people than you would normally be able to reach. With Beachbody Coaching, you can help change a person’s life whether they live in your community or on the other side of the country. Segment Your Markets by Demographic and Geographic Differences: Beachbody has dozens of fitness programs to suit different demographics such as gender, age, mobility, workout preferences, or  nutritional preferences.

You can get dual benefit by helping reverse the obesity and toxicity trend and change lifestyles of people all over the nation. Help those that you cannot reach at the gym and increase your income at the same time.

Leverage Your Resources and Money: most people lack the time, advertising budget, marketing skills and branding it takes create a customer base, which is the secret to a successful business.

Beachbody is One of the World’s Premier Infomercial Companies and We Want to Help You Succeed with Our Revolutionary Business Model!

  1. Massive Advertising: Beachbody invests over $120 million annually on TV, radio and print advertising top selling fitness DVD’s such as P90X, P90X2, TurboFire, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, The Ten Minute Trainer, RevAbs, and ChaLEAN Extreme just to name a few.

  2. Attracts Customers: This attracts up to 70,000 new customers that buy Beachbody products every week.

  3. Which Are Given To You: Beachbody gives these new customers to their Team Beachbody network of qualified Coaches! As a qualified Emerald rank Coach you can receive each week  4-12 new customers into your business.

  4. To Earn Commissions: Qualified Coaches earn up to 25% on every future purchase made by these new customers.

In addition, through the Beachbody compensation plan – there are 8 ways to earn money including a 25% commission on retail sales and a 50% commission on quarterly Team Beachbody club dues. You also get a 25% discount on Beachbody Products.

How much does it Cost?

When a Trainer joins the Beachbody Virtual Fitness Network they receive:

  • Custom Designed Websites that are immediately ready to serve clients

  • An Online Coaching Center to build and manage your business

  • A Coaching Business Kit complete with tools, tips, and training

  • An Online SuperGym with free membership for your clients

  • A daily $500-$1000 cash incentive for clients who login and workout

  • FREE Online webinars, training programs and personal development programs for virtual coaching success

Order your choice of Challenge Pack today with a FREE Coach membership and you will also receive a Team Beachbody $25 eGift after purchase!! You can use your eGift card towards your next purchase of Beachbody products.

It is important that you understand that this is a 100% commissionable program and does have a small start up cost of around $100-$200 and an ongoing monthly fee of about $60-$100 or so. There are also a few small requirements that are easy to meet in order to start getting the clients from Beachbody.

A Business Plan for Personal Trainers

The concept of how trainers can actually expand their business and better serve their clients by becoming Team Beachbody coaches.

First the premise:

I think personal trainers deliver a valuable service helping people learn about fitness, nutrition, learn how to eat right, learn good form, technique and motivate them. But I think part of their job is to get people on a personal program that they can eventually execute on their own, without the trainer’s help counting reps. You typically charge them by the hour(s) or session(s), and hope you do a good enough job that they stay with you for several months, six months, a year, or longer… if you are good at what you do and your service is affordable for your clients.

Time Commitment vs Benefit

The Beachbody Personal Trainer program can be run in conjunction with your current business model on a part-time or full-time basis- you decide which works best for you based on your current situation. It’s entirely up to you!

With the 4-12 new clients per week from the Beachbody Coach program you can build your business nationwide and effectively manage and get paid weekly on hundreds and even thousands of clients you are training – from all across the country!

Build your business to a level where even if you were ever to get injured or sick for any length of time, you could actually still have income coming in – and possibly even see your business grow during this unexpected downtime.

How is the Virtual Fitness Training Program helping clients?

  • Clients become free online gym members and win cash for working out

  • Trainers offer virtual support to their clients as a new service

  • Trainers help clients enter the Beachbody Fitness Challenge to win big cash

  • Trainers keep clients who quit their service or the gym by coaching them online

  • Clients who need nutritional advice can create customized menus

  • Clients track progress and seek help online from other members

  • Clients stay motivated with new programs and products for better results

  • Clients can refer nationwide friends and family to their trainer

  • Clients get recognized and rewarded for their results

Simple 3-Step Process on Your Journey to Success with the Beachbody Personal Trainer Program

Step 1. Fitness + Nutrition + Support

Optional: suggest that your clients sign up as a Team Beachbody® Coach so they can save 25%and their sessions with you can eventually pay for themselves. This benefit alone has the possibility to dramatically increase your revenue stream.

  1. Start by working toward signing up to ten new clients from anywhere across the country  to work out and train with you both locally, and virtually via e-mail and Facebook (we will show you how to do this) using Beachbody’s proven 6 -12 week fitness programsChallenge Packs , Fit Clubs or the Ultimate Reset Program which they purchase from you.

  2. Based on your clients exercise preferences. You work closely with and train your clients for just the first few weeks or so of their chosen fitness program to make sure their form is accurate, they stay consistent with their workouts and nutrition plan (including supplements if you feel they are appropriate) and to answer any questions they may have.

  3. Then you simply follow up with them from time to time via-email or with a private Facebook Fitness Challenge Group , or Ultimate Reset Challenge Group to check on their progress. Our Team Beachbody community of peer support will also help your clients stay on track with their fitness goals, proper nutrition, and motivation.

Step 2. Accountability

Next, If they didn’t start your program by purchasing a Challenge Pack make sure your clients sign up as members of the Team Beachbody® Club. You can require the quarterly Club fee be their enrollment fee to your program.

They will enjoy numerous benefits that will save them both time and money. When your clients join the Club it will instantly increase your credibility and could even generate you an additional ongoing income stream – even if your clients discontinue using your Coaching services.

When your clients join the Team Beachbody® Club they get access to all the following VIP benefits…

  • They get immediate access to several calculators (caloric needs, nutrition, BMI, body fat, etc.), along with personalized meal plans and numerous healthy recipes to choose from. They will learn about the right foods to eat, in the right portions, so there’s not guesswork. As their personal trainer, once you take your client through the Club once or twice they will be on their own to use these valuable tools whenever they want to. You save valuable time and get paid when they renew their Club membership each quarter.

  • They will enjoy extra help with Team Beachbody’s Trainer Tips and Thin Kitchen. In these online videos, your client’s favorite exercise trainers show them the best ways to do their moves, plus they will learn how to cook, eat properly and live thin!

  • They get live access to fitness and diet experts, message boards and an exciting online community consisting of thousands of other like-minded individuals who are all doing similar things your client will be doing.

  • They will also enjoy an additional 10% savings on all Beachbody nutrition and fitness products which will help them transform their body and maximize their results!

  1. Make sure every one of your new clients take their before photo and measurements, and get them to set up their online profile in the Team Beachbody® Club.

  2. You will also want to make sure all of your clients log every workout in Team Beachbody’s exclusive WOWY (Work Out With You) online Super Gym so you can check up on their progress. Plus, each day your client log their work out in WOWY they are eligible to win the free daily WOWY prize drawing of $500 or $1,000

  3. You also make sure your clients enter their results in the Beachbody Challenge Transformation Contest each month – because they could win the $1,000 or $10,000 prizes if they make progress and have a compelling success story. And you, as their Coach, can get rewarded too when your clients win because Team Beachbody® will pay you a 10% bonus of the $1,000 and $10,000 winners.

  4. 30 Day Follow Up Assessment and Accountability Tracking –You set a follow up appointment to get together with your client, either in person if possible, or via e-mail or a phone call, to take their first 30 day progress report (update their after photo and take new measurements). This key aspect of the program has proven to lock them into accountability and helps secure their relationship with you.

Step 3. Exponential Client Growth & Financial Benefits

  1. In exchange for your helping your clients to become “independently healthy” (and for a VERY small cost compared to what you would normally charge them), part of your clients agreement with you is they refer a minimum of two or more clients to you. Some of them will and some won’t. However, on the other hand, some of them will also refer a lot more than two clients to you when they begin to experience amazing results and brag about how they “did it on their own,” with YOUR (virtual) help!

  2. Instead of coaching a total of 10 to 15 clients on a one-on-one basis in the short time you have each day (like you may be doing now), your new goal with the Beachbody Personal Trainer Program is to personally sign up ten or so new clients each month – with the help of your current client referrals. You are still always training ten or so people each month, but once that have learned the program with your help, they are now placed on your “maintenance Challenge Group program.” Your clients may want to do another round of their chosen fitness program or may seek variety or the next level and choose to do a different Beachbody fitness program or a hybrid. Now your earning from your clients become passive, rather than direct trainer earnings, and you are no longer just trading your valuable time for dollars.

  3. Because of the proven success of this program, you will find that more and more of your clients will want to become Coaches – just like you. Why? Because the results they get with Beachbody programs, combined with your Virtual Coaching, are so quick and so dramatic, that their friends, family and co-workers naturally start asking them what they are doing to get in such great shape. It becomes a natural fit for the clients you successfully coach to want to become Beachbody Coaches themselves.

  4. You sign-up their referrals (either under them as a coach, or under you if they’re not a coach) and repeat the process. The tree grows!

  5. As new client referrals continue to come in for you and your team of Coaches (from everyone’s personal referrals and Beachbody’s $120 million dollar annual advertising campaign), you simply continue to work closely with your growing team to help them build their respective Coaching teams. Then, you could see your organization of clients and coaches grow from a few clients and Coaches, to hundreds and maybe even thousands of satisfied clients and Coaches all across the nation.

Plus you can get paid eight different ways from everything they do, and so on down through an unlimited number of Coaches and clients in your organization.

At the end of the year, you could have 120 or so personal clients contacting you (e-mail and Facebook) from time to time for refreshers, to take progress photos and measurements, and ask questions regarding other Beachbody exercise programs they may be interested in purchasing.

After two years you have 240 clients, plus all the Coaches your clients have signed up on their own. Your overall Team Beachbody business could have grown to hundreds and even thousands of clients and Coaches – all building you a nice income that allows you to work the days and hours YOU want to work. With Team Beachbody your income potential is almost unlimited, because you are leveraging the success of other Coaches and clients you have coached in your organization

What are the simple steps to get started?

  • Ask 10 clients to come join your free online gym and private Challenge Group

  •  Help them pick a program that fits their goals

  • Encourage them to include friends and family for added support

  • Set a date for their 30 day results and stats

Remember, a Trainer can choose just one, or use all of the Beachbody programs; they may already have fitness programs they use, but they need a nutritional program for their clients. They may have a nutritional line they currently work with, but want to use the Online Gym and Club features as an added benefit for their clients. Beachbody is committed to helping Trainers help their clients get results, and does not require exclusivity.

The Bottom Line and Your Ultimate Reward

The end result – with the Beachbody Personal Trainer Program you now have an opportunity to make more money than you ever could working your business as you currently do, and your clients are rewarded for getting healthy and referring people into the program for you. EVERYONE is a more independent, empowered and healthy person.

Doesn’t it now make more sense that your clients don’t need your individual help counting reps? They simply need to be empowered to succeed on their own once they know what they’re doing! Then, they simply continue to enjoy the Beachbody exercise programs and possibly “upgrade” and become a Coach like you! This is truly a win, win solution for everyone.

By the way, this same formula and the Beachbody Personal Trainer Program, works for doctors who see patients that need help losing weight, gyms, chiropractors, nutritionists, wellness centers and other health care providers. The point here is to empower people to be independently healthy, and you, your clients, and your Coaches reap the rewards in every way!

3.7 Commercial/Retail Outlets (from Beachbody’s Operational Business Plan)

Team Beachbody strongly encourages the retailing and selling of products and services through direct contact with customers. In an effort to reinforce this method of marketing and to help provide a standard of fairness for its Coach base, Coaches may not sell or facilitate the sale of Beachbody products in any public retail or service establishment, except Coaches are only permitted to display and sell Beachbody products in commercial or retail establishments that solely sell or provide services to private clientele. Examples of these limited locations include doctors’ offices, gyms, and workout studios. In no instance, however, shall any signs, flyers, or displays advertising the sale of Beachbody products be displayed in such a manner that they are visible from the street, or otherwise designed to entice people from the street or general public for the purpose of retail sales.

I am sure at this point you may have several questions – and maybe even some concerns you would like addressed. There are also some additional details regarding the Beachbody Personal Trainer Program and compensation program that I would like to share with you, along with some additional benefits I have not covered here.

To learn more, or to get started today.  Email me  or schedule time to talk.

Ready To Get Started?

Order a Challenge Pack when you enroll as a Coach and your fee is waived.

The best part about Challenge Packs is that you can upgrade to a Coach membership when you purchase a Challenge Pack at no extra cost.

Don’t want to “Coach” anyone? That’s no problem. You aren’t obligated to do anything as a Coach except get the most value for your investment! Just think of it as a VIP Team Beachbody membership. When you select this Discount Coach option you get the following benefits:

  • Coach sign-up fee waived ($39.95 value)

  • Get 25% off future Beachbody purchases

  • Save $30-$55 over purchasing Shakeology & fitness program separately

  • Free shipping

  • Do it just for the savings/discount OR take advantage of the ability to refer customers and earn a commission

    • Return on your Challenge Pack investment with just 3 referrals!

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on each component of the Challenge Pack (i.e. you are free to keep what you like, return/cancel the rest)

  • Bonus DVD(s) with your selected fitness program

  • Free month 1 upgrade to Tropical Strawberry Shakeology flavor

  • Free support & coaching

  • Free newsletter


Complete the form and follow the prompts to select your Challenge Pack.

Note: you will agree to a $39.95 fee on the first page, but this fee will be removed when you get to the check out.

Special Note regarding Non-Profits and Active Military and Their spouses.

If your are a 501(c)(3) non-profit or active military DO  NOT USE THE LINK ABOVE  to enroll as a Coach. There is a separate application process that you MUST follow so that your enrollment fee and monthly business service fees can be waived.

Please contact me so that we can direct you through the process.

If you have other questions or are ready to get involved, please contact me or request a callback.

* The Beachbody customer/client lead generation program and income potential is based on the information outlined in our Policies and Procedures, and the Beachbody Coach Compensation Program. How many clients you receive and how fast and often you receive them is based solely upon how well you build your business, along with your ability to reach and maintain Emerald Coach status. Your results and income will vary. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Please read the Team Beachbody Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, and the Team Compensation program for complete details. A Qualified Coach is an Active Team Beachbody Coach who has reached the level of Emerald status as described in the Team Beachbody Compensation Program. Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches

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I have been an International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer since 2009, a Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer and I love helping women over 40 stay fit and healthy or getting their health and fitness back after spending all their time taking care of others.

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