Four Motivators to Reclaiming Your Fitness

1. Hanging out with the right people is important!

Did you know there is power in association and that the people who you regularly hang out with have a huge influence on your attitude, your determination, your beliefs, your inspiration and the outcome of your success? They impact on how you think about things, how you act on things and on the decisions you make on a daily basis.

According to entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

10277205_10152885525088989_38734750260608763291_nPersonally, I totally believe this. If I surround myself with those who are intelligent, driven, positive-minded individuals, I find that not only do I great group of people to bounce ideas off of, I find it’s easier for me to achieve my goals because whenever I start floundering, they help pull me back up.

Now, I’m not suggesting you jettison those who aren’t fit or motivated or cheery. Especially if they’re your close friends or family. But, when you’re on a path to achieving certain goals, you might find it easier to do so if you try to spend more time with those who motivate and encourage you. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, challenge you, push you, inspire you. Push yourself against them, try to lift heavier than them, have better form than them, do work faster than them, perform harder skills than them. Use others to help you attain your fitness and life goals. Learn from others – then teach those looking up to you how to fill your shoes.

Not sure where to find those people? Consider joining a Challenge Group. Or just start reaching out to friends (and friends-of-friends) who you admire but have lost touch with through social media. Having support can make all the difference. Do you spend time with people who motivate you to reach your fitness goals, or people who sabotage them

2. Think long term health benefits

Of course, improved physical appearance is a huge motivating factor, but your health should be an even bigger one. As I’ve gotten older I have become more and more concerned with being healthy and living a better quality of life. You can use this to your advantage as well to motivate yourself to exercise. The list of health benefits that exercising provides you with is just enormous. By thinking about maintaining a high quality of life for years to come, you are thinking long term and thus you can find the proper amount of motivation to stay active even during times that you feel like giving up. We all want to be healthy, and going through health concerns brings about much stress to our life as well as to those that we love. When I hear of fathers or grandparents that are changing their lifestyle and becoming more active to be around to see their children grow up, I am so proud of them. That’s one of the strongest motivation you could ever have to turn your life around with exercise.

3. Having a goal to work towards

Do you have a reunion to go to in a few months and you want to look your best? Do you have a vacation planned and you want to look fantastic in a bathing suit? Do you idolize a certain person and want to look just like them? These types of goals are extremely powerful, and can provide unrelenting motivation that can then carry you towards those very goals. The key is to always have such a goal, because you don’t want to go back to your old ways once you have reached that goal. I’m sure you’ve seen people flip flop over and over again with their fitness, and this is due to the fact that once they reach their goal, they do not have another one to aim for. Always have something to work towards, and every time you reach one, create a new one. You will not only be amazed at the amount of motivation this creates, but you will astound yourself at how much you can accomplish that you never thought possible before.

4. Just Start!

As hard as it is to get yourself to start, you will be happy to know that things get much better as you keep going. The steepest hill to climb over is to start. Once you start, you have conquered the biggest obstacle. This is something that you should be proud of, in and of itself. Once you start, you put the wheels in motion to create momentum, and this momentum is crucial to bring you towards the finish line. But for that to happen, you need to start. It doesn’t have to be pretty at first. Know that you will get better at it. Just do your best and remember that it’s a progression. So stop finding excuses and ways to delay your start. Choose to start exercising today, and never look back. You will be thankful that you did.

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I have been an International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer since 2009, a Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer and I love helping women over 40 stay fit and healthy or getting their health and fitness back after spending all their time taking care of others.

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