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Dance your way to hot, sexy abs and burn the fat off your entire body with Shaun T’s fun, exciting dance program! Using Shaun’s revolutionary Absolute Engagement™ technique, you’ll “Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten” your way to 6-pack abs without doing a single sit-up or crunch.


hha_sellpage_workoutsbg1Secrets to Flat Abs: Shaun’s exclusive training techniques target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques while you burn fat. (13 minutes)

Fat Burning Cardio: Burn calories and shed fat with hip dance moves and hot music. (30 minutes)

Ab Sculpt: More signature moves to get you the six-pack you’ve always wanted without a single sit-up or crunch. (25 minutes)

Total Body Burn: A head-to-toe workout that combines cardio and total body sculpting with even more ab-defining moves. (45 minutes)



hha_sellpage_toolsbg_tape1Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide

Choose the right foods to help you lose weight faster!

30-day workout calendar

Freestyle your Hip Hop Abs workouts, or follow this schedule to get jaw-dropping abs and tone your entire body FAST!

24/7 online support

Access live chats with Shaun and an amazing online community to help you succeed.

Measurement card & tape measure

Use these tools to chart your progress as the inches melt away!


hha_sellpage_giftsbg_buns1Hips, Buns, and Thighs

Lift and firm those stubborn problem areas. No more boring squats and lunges—get back into your skinny jeans FAST! (25 minutes)

Results on the Run diet guide

You can still eat at your favorite fast food restaurants, guilt free!

6-Day SlimDown plan

Lose up to 6 pounds in your first week!

Learn to Dance!

hha_sellpage_learntodancePlus, Learn to Dance with Shaun T—3 more fun-filled workouts!

  • Take It to the Dance Floor

  • Hip Hop Groove

  • Last Minute Dance


icon_30dmbg_lgIf you don’t completely transform your body within 30 days, call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to get your money back (less shipping & handling), no questions asked. But your 4 free gifts are yours to keep no matter what. So what are you waiting for? C’mon, let’s work it!


Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Real Results From Real Success Stories!

HHA Success Story

hha Challeng Pack

Special Offer! You will receive a $25 eGift Card after you purchase your Challenge Pack or Shakeology on monthly Home Direct (HD) Autoship from Coach Kevin Rack. (New customers only)

Meet Larisa C. ! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for February 24th!

c98693ac-3080-4eb9-b09e-e11c2a4e7311Before my transformation with Hip Hop Abs I was very self-conscious about my body and felt horrible in everything I wore. My self-esteem was low, and seeing myself in the mirror made me extremely depressed. Then one day I was done with feeling sorry for myself and realized that just because I was a mom, didn’t mean I couldn’t be sexy, too. I wanted my husband to have a wife that he desired to look at, and most importantly, I wanted to be comfortable in my own skin.

I chose Hip Hop Abs because my stomach was where I held most of my fat and was tired of having a muffin top. I so badly wanted to feel comfortable wearing a nice blouse without having my rolls overlap. My goal with Hip Hop Abs wasn’t to achieve a 6-pack; I just wanted a flat stomach, that’s all, a flat stomach. And because Shaun T. was so motivational during each training session, I kept going when I really want to give up, and two months later, a flat stomach is what I got.

While the workouts were challenging, they weren’t my greatest challenge. Food was—especially sweets. But I knew that if I wanted to lose weight, I had to do more than push play everyday. I had to overhaul my diet. So I gave up soda, salty foods, sugar, and bread, and began counting all my calories.

Within 2 months, the flab melted away. I got rid of my rolls, love handles, muffin top, and back fat, and once and for all, my stomach was flat. Today, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, and finally feel sexy. I never thought I’d be able to walk around in a sports bra again and feel comfortable, but now I can. And every day I hear compliments from multiple people commenting on my weight loss, which makes me feel beyond amazing.

Thanks Beachbody, for giving me the tools I needed to lose the weight. Finally, I’m happy being me, once again.

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