Do you want to sleep like a baby? Benefits of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler recently shared some interesting feedback he’s gotten from participants in the Ultimate Reset program.

We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of excitement and positive responses from Ultimate Resetters regarding their improved sleeping habits.

Yes I slept like a baby. I still can’t believe how I felt through it, along with my before and after pics, it just blows my mind. I lost 14 lbs and truly know what is clean and what isn’t. Thank you so much for creating an awesome product that has changed my life.”_ Peter S.

I have always suffered from insomnia, and never slept through the night before the Reset. By day 4 [of the Ultimate Reset] not only did I fall asleep easily, I stayed asleep all night! This was EPIC. Here I am 2 months later and still sleeping like a baby. If there was no other benefit to the Ultimate Reset, THIS benefit was totally worth it!” Phyllis B.

It’s no secret that sleep is important. According to Federal Statistics about one in 10 U.S. adults routinely has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, and 3 in 10 experience occasional sleeplessness. As a result Doctors are continually prescribing drugs with dangerous side effects to help put us to sleep. Doesn’t really sound like a whole lot of fun to me, and while the Reset might not be a 21-day party, it’s way more powerful at addressing the root cause of sleeplessness, rather than just the symptoms. When you address the problem, you actually get results, rather than just band-aids.

So what exactly is going with the body during and after the Reset that improves sleep so dramatically. I sat down with Ultimate Reset Co-Creator and Shakeology Formulator,Darin Olien and asked him how it’s possible for people to see such a positive change, even after just the first week, in their sleeping habits. In a nutshell, this was his answer:

Real deep REM recovery type sleep only happens when your body is in regulatory functioning mode, and regulatory functioning is based on when your body is alkaline. When your body is alkaline it’s able to regulate your endocrine system and your hormones more efficiently. So at night, you release serotonin and when your in an alkaline state and not an acidic state, it’s able to switch the serotonin to melatonin and then that melatonin is what drives you deep into REM sleep. Your body is able to repair itself efficiently, which it can only do if your alkaline and falling into that deep REM sleep. So it’s really a result of the pillar of alkalization. When you’ve supported your body through alkaline foods, increased your oxygen and have the proper electrolytes from hydrating, your optimizing your body’s ability to function.”

Well put Darin, can we get that in layman’s terms?

Okay. So basically in the Reset there are two huge things you are doing: 1.) Removing the acidity from from your body and 2.) Increasing the alkaline in your body. You’re removing acid by not ingesting meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, etc and other acid based foods. You’re increasing alkaline with the supplements. The Reset has 3 components that increase the alkaline and regulate your body’s pH levels – the alkalinize, optimize, and mineralize. We don’t need to get into the science behind them, but know they are putting your body back to the way it’s supposed to function. Essentially, it’s in with the good stuff and out with bad stuff. That’s why you can see dramatic results so quickly – your hitting it from both sides. In theory, you’ll break some addictions by days 3-5 (the hardest days) and then by the end of the first week be feeling the difference in how you’re sleeping and be able to wake up feeling rejuvenated.”

Got it. Thanks Darin.

I’m continually blown away by the positive effects the Reset is having on the body. There are drug companies pouring billions of dollars into pharmaceuticals that hopefully treat the symptoms of one problem (sleeplessness, high-cholesterol, high blood-pressure, lack of energy) and then cross their fingers in hopes they don’t cause a host of other problems. The Reset takes the other approach by addressing the cause of all these problems, eliminating them, and replacing them with ingredients and supplements that put you on the right track – permanently

Who do you know who can benefit from this comprehensive, gentle, no-starvation, clinically-tested inner-body tune-up? Join our Reset Challenge Group today.

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