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slimin6-debbieDebbie Siebers has been working in the fitness and training business for over 20 years. As a certified member of the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), the world’s largest fitness education association, she has developed and perfected numerous proprietary routines for her clients so they can attack the common trouble spots. In 1999, Debbie joined Beachbody where she developed the popular Thin Thighs Guaranteed! video.

She got her initial experience in personal training working for Body-by-Jake®, a pioneer in popularizing personal fitness in the entertainment community. She has also worked as a trainer at Crunch, Powerhouse Gym, Meridian Sports Club, Todd Tramp’s Body Sculpting Gym, and the Peninsula chain of luxury hotels. Debbie has been featured on numerous television programs including Fit TV’s health and fitness show Fitting It In, Body-by-Jake exercise segments, as well as on CNN, E! Entertainment Television, and various broadcast network TV stations.

I Have Abs After Having Two Kids!

After 20 weeks of Slim in 6® and LES MILLS COMBAT, Noelle has lost almost 40 pounds and 38 inches—and she has abs!

7e49ddc4-0647-4333-86d1-c45412e93590August 2012 was a turning point for me—I’d just had a baby, so I should have been at an all-time high. But I wasn’t, because my weight was at an all-time high. And when I discovered that I could no longer touch my toes—it hit me like a ton of bricks… I had to change. Fast.

So I made a promise to myself—and my two kids—then backed it up by starting Slim in 6®. I chose it because it was low impact, which I needed because I’d just had a C-Section. In just weeks, I lost over 20 pounds.

After Slim in 6, I wanted to keep going—and have some fun, so I started LES MILLS COMBAT®. All I can say is LOVE, LOVE LOVE. Then I added Les Mills Pump® to get a leaner look… and after finishing, I’m now doing INSANITY®. Wow. The results I’ve achieved are amazing. I’ve lost 40 pounds and 38 inches!!!! I can touch my toes, I’ve got the abs I never thought I’d get after my C-Section. I feel better and healthier than I have my entire life.

And I actually weigh the same as I did when I was a teenager. Can you believe that?

Thanks to Beachbody, I was able to achieve my fitness goals. So I’ve decided to “pay it forward” by becoming a Beachbody Coach. Now I’ve got the best job in the world, working for a company I totally believe in, and helping other people reach their goals.

Before Beachbody, I was at an all-time low. So I went looking for a solution, and never did I think I would find this amazing light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Beachbody. It just goes to show what you can achieve if you’re willing to “Push Play.”

You can change your life, too. Take The Beachbody Challenge™, for the ultimate motivation to get fit! Select any Beachbody® program and once you complete it, share your results for your chance to win cash and prizes.


Meet Tammy D.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for March 26th!

4addec1a-f38f-4c19-848f-1d93700250bbLife before my Beachbody transformation was miserable. I was stressed, depressed, and lost. I hated looking in the mirror and refused to be in pictures. All I wanted to do was sit on my couch and eat everything in sight. Ever since I could remember, food has been my solace, comforting me during hard times—which was pretty much the story of my life.

At 41, 5’ 3”, and weighing in at 162 pounds, losing weight seemed like an impossible task. My whole life, I used every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t workout or eat healthy. And even though I witnessed other people change their lives—especially my co-worker of 15 years, Kayla R., who was also a Beachbody Coach—deep down inside I truly believed that I could never lose weight, even if I tried. So why try?

I had already turned down multiple offers to join Kayla’s Challenge Groups, but then one day I realized that it’s not that I CAN’T lose weight, it’s that I WON’T lose weight. Done with living unhappy and unhealthy I started drinking Shakeology, and instantly I had incredible amounts of energy—which was something I hadn’t had in quite some time. I also stopped craving chocolate and fatty foods, and started making healthier choices.

Next, I did Slim In 6. I chose this program because it was low impact, and after being out of shape for so long, I knew I needed something that was easy to modify. With each workout, my stress disappeared, and my long lost confidence returned. I was setting and achieving new goals daily, and was so excited to exercise that I’d wake up on my own, before my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m.

In 5 short months, I lost 38 pounds and went from a size 12 to a 4. I now have curves that I didn’t know existed and enjoy being out with friends and family instead of trying to blend into the background. But even though I changed my life, it wasn’t easy, and that’s why I’m so thankful for my Challenge Group who turned out to be more supportive and motivational than I ever imagined—thanks guys!

Today, I’m a Beachbody coach, striving to help others believe in themselves again while living a healthier lifestyle filled with confidence and happiness. I’ve replaced “I CAN’T” with “I WILL”, and as I continue to better myself, I look forward to my next challenge—TurboFire!! And I owe it all to Beachbody for changing my life.

Meet Stacey H.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for January 5th!

003eed5f-6ee7-4aef-bd74-2b4f3beb5333Two years after the birth of my son, I shot back up to my maternity weight of 210 lbs. My size 18 pants were tight and I had zero self-confidence. My knees and back ached all the time, I was constantly tired, and I had chronic stomach problems. Sadly, even though I was angry, ashamed, and miserable—I wasn’t surprised. I had battled the bulge my entire life, just like my mom and sister.

But it wasn’t until I pulled a muscle in my back from picking up my two-year-old that I had finally had enough. Either I had to change now and set a good example for my son, or he’d turn out exactly like me. So I turned to Slim in 6® and other Beachbody Programs for help.

Slim in 6 was the perfect solution because it eased me back into working out and I quickly started losing weight. In 3 months I lost 50 lbs., went from 40% body fat to 24%, dropped down to a size 10, and am in better shape now than I was in high school. Simply put: I LOOK AND FEEL FANTASTIC!

However, I’m most proud of the fact that I’m setting a great example for my son. Even though he’s so young, he exercises with me all the time and is already learning healthy eating habits. And because of this, I truly believe he won’t have weight issues like I did!

Now I’m a happy and healthy mom, wife, and Beachbody Coach—paying it forward and helping others change their lives the way Beachbody helped me change mine.

55 year old, Wilma Maria V. LOST 34 LBS and 6″ off WAIST


I feel Energized, light, my self esteem is HIGH . . . Thinner arms, shoulders, my face, thighs, hips, waist . . . I’m SO HAPPY now.”

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?  FELT EXHAUSTED, LAZY, WITHDRAWN …. No Energy or desire to do anything !!! Embarrassed about my body, felt very heavy … SIZE X-LRG Size Clothing was no longer large enough – very depressing.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?  MY TRIPLETS … They are 10 yrs. and LOVE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. They enjoy Bike Riding, Scooters, Playing Baseball , Walking the Dog in The Park, Gymnastics, etc. I HAD NO ENERGY to want to do any outdoor activities with the Children. I was TOO EMBARRASSED to be at The Park with the Children because there were – too many Families & Children everywhere – physically fit & active.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody® help you overcome that challenge?  EATING CLEAN …. NEEDED TO ELIMINATE JUNK FOODS !!! My Coach  inspired me to Eat Clean, Drink Shakeology, Inspired me on to Keep Going and NOT GIVE UP . Challenge #1 SLIM in 6 was a Success & Challenge # 2 really was FUN !!! Now I’m ready to Move on to Challenge # 3 – ChaLean  Extreme 90 Days to Firm-up, Tone-up …. Strength.

Why did you choose this particular program?  SLIM in 6 is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS. I enjoy being able to Work the Programs FROM HOME – It’s Convenient . I can WORKOUT on MY SCHEDULE, really enjoy the Flexibility & Accountability. Team Beachbody offers a WEALTH of ONLINE RESOURCES I find exceptional i.e. SUPER GYM, many helpful Tracking Tools …. Workout Buddies, Products, etc. SLIM in 6 Program was comfortable for me – I really enjoyed it. Beachbody I’m a Home Mom with a Super Busy Schedule …. Team Beachbody is FUN !!!

Stacey G lost 18 pounds with Slim in 6.


EVERYONE is commenting on not only how I look but how my whole persona has changed! They talk about how energetic I am and how positive my attitude is now.”


20194_491164400924406_1696145775_n“Back fat. Flabby arms. Cellulite on my legs. I hated my appearance and was far from where I wanted to be. To make matters worse, I was taking steroids for an autoimmune disease and had no energy at all. Then, one day, I saw a picture of how in-shape I was in high school. That’s when I knew something had to change.

I contacted a friend who was a Beachbody Coach. Since I’m all about the quick fix, I chose the six-week program, Slim in 6®. I lost 17 pounds! I also loved working out to the motivational music of LES MILLS PUMP.

Another HUGE part of my success is Shakeology®. It gives me more energy and I will never stop using it. Now I’m so much happier with my body. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and am finally able to wear a bikini again. Best of all, I’ve changed my way of thinking. Working out is now part of my day—not a chore!”

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